Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Good morning, guys! Woke up so late again. Just read a blog and drank coffee to jumpstart my day. Pardon my messy hair, just cut it yesterday. My hair stylist was awkwardly funny. I actually wanted to get bangs but he said I should never try wearing bangs! Never, even in my dreams because my forehead's atypically short. :(

Going back, I browsed Lies Young Women Believe website for a new blog entry to read. I found 'Christian College Wasn't For Me. Or So I Thought.' It was a good read.

The idea of going to college both scared me and excited me. As I entered this phase of my life, I was exposed to frustrations, disappointments, persecutions.. but please do not look at it as horrifying as it looks like. 2 Corinthians 12:10 was with me all along. It gives me comfort to know that I can rely to God's undying love and unending grace. Who can be against me if God is on my side?

As I journeyed my summer last 2010, finding the right school for me, it did not turn out as I expected. Instead of being in a biology-oriented course, I am now a BS Pharmacy student! Instead of being enrolled in my dream university, I study in a college I've not heard before! Even though, I am pretty contented to where God led me. As long as His glory is seen in my life, I am taking the right pace. After I graduate, I am planning to join the Holy Land Bible Tour, pass the board examination with flying colors and go abroad. When I get to save enough money, I will live here in the Philippines and work in a Manufacturing company. I will bless my community church and my family with all the blessings raining down from my Heavenly Father. But I should hold loose of these dreams coz God has plans for me as well. I do not know them yet, but I know who holds my future. When God is on the driver seat of my life, I can only expect the best.

Today, I am enrolled in a liberal college which is sad because as I see it before, it will be as scarce as hen's teeth that I will be able to find friends that are on the same faith as me. Two years ago, before the school started, I was invited by my sister's ministry to join their fellowship. There, they prayed for me that may I be surrounded with a good crowd and find Christian friends in my college. God answered our prayer right away on my second day as a frosh! I was blessed with two Christian friends that I am glad to be with. I have other friends in our circle besides them two, though. They are really kind and accommodating as well. They are also close with their families and that is so like me.

Today, when I look back, all I can utter is thank you to God. I would never be able to connect all the dots then but now! Though, God will often redirect my steps for His better plans than mine, I just hope and pray for His presence to never leave my side.

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