Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Review: Turn Left, Turn Right

To those young boys and girls, who always thought of love as something destined, something that'll come their way right on their doorsteps one day, this movie is for you.

I grab some bread and make myself a coffee for breakfast. I prayed, turned on the TV and ate! The morning news appears to give me the bad vibes so I switched to HBO, and tadaaa!! I saw this movie! Thank you, morning news, for not being so enlivening.

Turn Left Turn Right is a sweet, refreshing Hong Kong-Singaporean movie that tickles your romantic side. It is based on one of the most charming artworks of best-selling author and illustrator, Jimmy Liao, 'A Chance of Sunshine'. Just like how Liao's whimsical imagination has captured the hearts of most young people, so is Turn Left Turn Right.

To watch the illustration, click here. The captions are in Chinese, so if you aren't Chinese or don't understand Chinese, the pictures can speak for themselves. Watching the movie first would be a great help, too! :)
It is a story of coincidences. It revolves around the lives of two hopeless romantic people who happen to be so near, yet so far. John Liu, is an undiscovered musician who plays violin in a very astonishing way. 13 years ago, he met a girl, whose beauty he admired but he never got the courage to approach her. On the train, the girl waited for 21 stops until she finally asked John his number. John was very happy leaving the train. But, the girl never called. The girl unfortunately left her bag on the train on that same day. That girl was Eve Choi, who becomes a professional translator and loves reading Polish poems. Their path never crossed again until one day at the park when fate seems to be on their side. Events, people, circumstances, all went their way just to delay their love story's happy ending. The quirks will keep you chilled to the bones, rolling back and forth on your bed, leaving you hanging on what will happen next. The movie's peculiar humor also added to its appeal. 

So get your popcorns and hop on to that comfy couch and watch this movie you'll surely won't forget.

If you liked this movie, I would also suggest 'Serendipity' starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. :)

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