Saturday, May 5, 2012

The First Ever Candy Style Awards

Yihee!!! Finally been to a Candy Event! I've always been a Candy girl since grade school. Candy has been my best-est friend when it comes to fashion, movies and getaway advices as a teen. I never had a chance before to join Candy fairs because I had to fly to Manila just to be there, and that would be expensive. last! I no longer have any reasons why not to come now!

My sister and I went to the venue past 5 o'clock and it was drizzling and we were almost at the end of the line. We waited for almost two hours before the line eventually got moving! 

And while standing by, I met this fellow Candy girl! Her name's Sheila.

As we reached the registration lane, Elmo just arrived! Woohoo! What a perfect timing! So I let my being a fangirl out and ran to him, asking for a picture! Unfortunately, I look so terribly haggard in our picture together that I refuse to upload it here in my blog. Instead, here's a photo taken by my sister on his way to the red carpet.

Also, before we entered, we first struck a pose at this huge Candy Style Awards picture area!

I was surprised to know that the event was elite party-themed. There were spotlights, balloons, party fog, and cocktail drinks. We were also standing the whole time! Fashionable shoes, stylish outfits and pretty Candy girls were everywhere! Also, a lot of Candy Cuties I do not know! Ha ha ha. Whatever. 

The show started at 7 o'clock with a dance number from variety of Candy cuties and girls. Also, video clips filled the large screen. Endless camera flashes all over!

Without further ado, the receiving of awards began.

The cutest among the introducers, Arkin Magalona! Sorry, I just had to include this!

Here are those who made it to the Candy's Celebrity Style Stars list:

Junior Style Star: Clara Magalona

Most Stylish BBFs: Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes

Sadly, Julia was not able to be there because she's still shooting for her telenovela 'Walang Hanggan'.

Most Stylish Sisters: Megan and Lauren Young

Most Stylish Loveteam: Elmo Magalona and Julieanne San Jose (JuliElmo)

They then both sang Rihanna's hit single 'Love The Way You Lie'.

I even then followed them at the entrance while they were being interviewed by their mother network regarding the event. I got the chance to be just an inch away from my crush!!! Kilig-kilig!

Most Stylish Cover Boy: Mario Maurer! 

Obviously, he wasn't there. How I wish! But he had a video, saying thanks to his fans and Candy! He was sooo cute! 

And the highlight of the event...Tatatatantatan!!! 

The 8 Candy Style Stars! Today's style inspirations of Candy girls.

Let me enumerate them: Jasmine Curtis (who was not able to come due to some schedule conflicts also) Patricia Prieto (the prettiest!), Laureen uy, Tricia Gosingtian (I love you!!!), Kryz Uy, Jaz Reyes, Camille Co (my favorite!!!), Sarah Labhati (the goddess!!!).

Somedaydream's performance of 'Hey Daydreamer' was ideal to end the night! 

The whole audience was also serenaded by him with his other singles which topped Myx Hitchart, 'Do-do With You' and I forgot the title of the other one. Ha ha!

Now, for the fangirling moments! Here are some of my pictures with the V.I.P.'s!

Megan Young.

She was extra pretty in person! Extra nice as well.

Lauren Young

Camille Co

My most awaited chance! She hugged meeeeee! She was so sweet and pretty! I did not expect her to be so tall and slender.

Tricia Gosingtian

The very first fashion blogger I've been a fan to. 

Patricia Prieto

Her voice sounds like Miley Cyrus and she's as sexy as Miley as well! Only prettier! :)

Ivan Dorschner

The man whose nose never goes flat whatever he's doing!

And this girl, doesn't she look familiar? She's one of PONDS commercial models! Ha ha ha. She's very pretty in person, especially when she smiles with teeth out.

Whew! That was a tiring experience which I'm sure will leave me starstruck for days. Last, spotted at the Powerplant Mall!

Albie Casino

I heard he got beaten before dawn at a nightclub just today. I am not so sure where exactly. Poor kid. He's too young to be experiencing such pressures and all because of show business. Well, when you're in the spotlight, you do not know what you'll gonna get.

Sister also has pictures taken with the stars, especially with her favorite fashion blogger, Laureen Uy. But she prefers it to be private so, sige. 

Thank you, Ate, for your patience and time just to come with me at the Candy Style Awards! I love youuu! Enthusiastically taking pictures, running after the stars, hailing for cabs and being my ultimate fangirl teammate last night! Muwah!

Had so much fun! Home sweet home. Thank you, Candy!

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