Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coco Veranda

Because it's Mother's Day, it's a call for celebration! Mommy's treat! We spent almost an hour deciding where to dine. Our first choice was at Ramboy's but the place was chock-full of people and we did not want to wait until a table is available. We were chasing time! We had to be home by 9. So, I proposed we go dine at Coco Veranda instead. I've eaten there many times already so I am pretty sure their seafood cuisines are so deliciously good to be not loved to bits. And whenever my high school classmates organize reunions, Coco Veranda is on the list of prioritized venues. Also, a friend of mine owns the place, I was hoping to see her and catch up with her.

When we reached the restaurant, I could hardly see vacant tables as well. But the waiter promised that there were. Finally!

The restaurant is located on the seashore so it gives the breezy feeling and the coolness of the night! By the way, I admire the landscape design. I believe this is new. I have not noticed this before.

Being very enthusiastic for the moment, I wanted to go near the shore and take pictures together with my cute little cousins, Pebbles and Liann. They've grown so fast! I'm afraid they'll be taller than me in just a few years or more. Ha ha!

I wanted to wade in the water as soon as we got closer to the shoreline but the chance wouldn't permit me. I forgot to bring swimwear with me here in Roxas so instead of dipping in water because it's summer, I eat, roam and sleep all day! 

Going back, the splashes of waves were relaxing! I always dreamed of going to Bali, Tahiti or Maldives and spend a whole week at the beach, watch the sunset after sunrise, swim with flair and take photographs of everything as much as I can. Also, writing on the sand is a habit of mine in my childhood years. Using the butt of an Turritella terebra screw auger seashell (okay, that's quite a long moniker), I scribble names on the sand. You have never been to childhood if you have not tried that.
However, we did not stay long at the seashore because the food was already served.

I did not have the time to picture each of the menu, I got so shy. Ha ha!

Before we reached home, we passed by Roxas City's Fountain! It stands at the heart of the city. 

I can see it has undergone enhancement again. But I am happy it still retained its historical features. My classmates would upload pictures of this on Facebook and I thought at first color effects were edited! 

I miss my hometown. What a great evening I had!

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