Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chicken + Roasted Beef

I have a flight tomorrow morning and I still haven't started packing my things! Perfect! The culprit of my last minute stowing: my ever on the go and supportive best friend, Leo! Laughs.

We decided to hang out tonight; watching movies while noshing a heap of chips. Just our usual get together routine. But then, Leo suggested we eat outside just so I can have an informal good-by before I leave and because there's a newly renovated Kenny Rogers in our town!

I haven't entered the premises since last year because I normally go eat somewhere else, somewhere not near our house. Hence, I was more than glad to try out the place. I liked every bit of the revamp: brand new comfy chairs are added, the lighting is good for fine dining, the mirrors magnified the space. Plus, there's a coffee shop extension which I'd be really pleased to try out soon! 

What's for dinner? The title has it! Fulfilling plates of chicken and roasted beef, with mac and cheese as side dish and corn muffins which are uber yummy, always! 

Sister happened to come and joined us while we were halfway done eating dinner. For an awesome wacky picture of tonight, I present my sister and Leo! Ha ha ha!

Had a gratifying supper tonight! Whenever my tummy longs for a healthy yet delicious meal whether lunch or dinner, Kenny Rogers is the solution! 

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