Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday is the Lord's day!

How was your Sunday, guys? Mine as always as it is, by God's grace, was filled with the living Word of His. Every time I am to teach, my heart skips a beat. I do not know. Maybe because teaching is not an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work to get that pat on the back. But I am humbled that God entrusted me to be in this ministry. I am sure I will grow deeper with Him with this.

Last night, our loft was decorated with cute animal pictures and attractive artworks. A big clap to my ever devoted and imaginative co-teachers! You, guys, did a great job. I was not able to help a lot though, because I live very far.

Before my turn began, I was praying to God that just as He please, He would make my heart ready to be of service to Him not just today but everyday. I tend to be very shy and absent-minded so I was worried. And we know God, He never fails His children. I was so thankful for His Spirit guiding me all through out the day.

This is Hannah. She is so cute, isn't she? She once mentioned how she loved her dress one Sunday morning and was so happy when I agreed. 

Kids, when you give them attention even just a little, it means a lot to them. That's why parents should always be on the go supporting their children while growing up, they'll thank them a million times for that when they have all grown up!

This is Sophia or Gab. I love both of her names! She's their class valedictorian! I'm so proud! Way to go, God's little angels!

I was laughing so hard at the loft after our lesson because of her innocent sense of humor. And not only me but all the people in that same room!

We played Pinoy Henyo while waiting for the service to finish. Usually, when we are done with the lesson and activity, we go play. One of my students, Kenneth, suggested Pinoy Henyo! I was so happy they still appreciate games like that. You know, today's kids grow up so fast, you just find yourself fascinated one day how quick time flies.

Pardon my face, I am as horrible-looking as always. I just look so happy here that's why I considered including this in my post. Ha ha!

Thank you, God, for another lovely day with your kids! It saddens me to know that I won't be able to teach them next Sunday because I'll be flying back to Roxas. Yes, I will be on a 5-day vacation on my hometown. I wonder how exciting it will be!

By the way, the photos are not mine. Credits to Jam for these!

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