Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Fellowship

Since last week, Ate Ann, Sister and I were planning to have a little fellowship at home. It was postponed several times already due to our busy schedules, school and church activities. So happy was I when it finally happened!

Late this afternoon, we, at last, got to have this friendship togetherness, catching up with our spiritual walk as Christians.

It was a blessing in disguise.

Being too shy, I did not had the chance to share most of my thoughts. Also, because I was really caught listening to my sister and Ate Ann converse. Ate Ann shared about their living witnesses at their church. One story that did my heart good, is that one missionary who aspired to join the Holy Land Bible Study Tour. It is a great opportunity to travel around the places you just got to read in the Bible for so many years! One pastor told him that 'Nothing is impossible with God'. That alone, made my heart melt. More and more funds were deposited in his bank account, and before mid summer, he was able to reach the P150,000 he just needed to join the tour. At first, it was still so surreal to him. He couldn't believe that what he thought was P5000 was actually P50,000 added to his account! We can dream big, right?

Our prime agenda for the fellowship was for Ate Ann to share God's resources from the children ministry in their church. Ours, being a community church, does not have enough budget to finance the weekly Sunday school lesson and facilities to make the learning of the kids better and more effective. I was really grateful to God to have sent Ate Ann. I was actually getting discouraged by all the pressures and traumas I had as a newbie in Children Ministry. I am still getting this thing down pat. And I pray and pray that God would fill my heart with wisdom and courage, and prepare me for His wonderful plan in my journey as a Sunday school teacher.

I was so enchanted receiving the materials and lessons. It got me excited to share those with my co-teachers and my students. Laughter also did not leave us as Ate Ann shared stories about her experiences in the children ministry.

There was this one kid, whose mother got hospitalized. She told Ate Ann, 'Mom was so sick that I was praying so hard.'

Another, who got deeply depressed after watching 'The Passion of Christ', avoided attending Sunday school because hearing Jesus Christ's name feared her (That's so sad to hear, the child needed to undergo a therapy). One of her classmates told Ate Ann, 'Why is she afraid? God is with us!'

Last, a kid telling Ate Ann about her mom said 'Mom is so hard to me, but God is powerful!' He firmly believes God can change his mom's heart.

Imagine hearing these from children whose ages range from 4 to 6! Their child-like faith are exceptional in every way and serves as a motivation to me to do my job well. These kids even bring their own Bibles to Sunday school. They had Bible study sessions at home. They are indeed blessed to be raised in a Christian home. How many more kids are out there, less fortunate of this? How many more of them need our care and love? How many more of them haven't heard about Jesus?

Then you thought, you're just a teacher. But after you become one, you'll realize you're not just a teacher. You're also a life shaper; God's instrument in His saving work. It's up to you if how you want to impact these kids. It's up to you how long you want to be remembered in their lives. Most importantly, this ministry teaches me not to strive to make the kids appreciate me, but primarily, to pursue it to make God appreciate me.

How amazing it is that God placed me here. I am not good with kids and was not fond of them before. But God re-located my heart that it would fit right where I am now.

What more is in store for me, in your wonderful plans in my life, Oh God? I can't wait to see your hands moving, directing me exactly where you want me to be. No one can fight your will. And that's a relief.

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