Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Read my very old blog just now. As I was scrolling up and down the web page, choosing entries that attract my interest to read, it gave me mixed emotions of the things I wrote. I know it's weird.

Jotting down the thoughts running in my mind is maybe the cutest part of my younger years. I had lots of time back then to maintain a blog, actually. But now, not mentioning the fact that I am in college and have a workload every now and then, I am not that passionate about writing anymore. I do not even remember what convinced me to make a blog before!

It surprised me how better I write back then. Innocent, funny, plain and simple. Perhaps because I had more time in reading before that improved my writing skill. There were my disappointments in school, my rants, and et cetera. But also, there were my happiest moments, my achievements, my treasured times, my captured emotions, and more that made up my past 2 years of high school. I have actually abandoned it for 4 years already and counting.

There, I saw a version of me who wears my heart on my sleeve. I was confident of my likes, my feelings, and who I am. Well, I am glad to know I did not change that much. Except that, the innocence like a child inside of me before slowly leaves me as I grow older. Right now, I am more conscious of my principles, my thoughts and my limitations. Though, looking back, I will indeed miss that part of me.

It's good to have something that gives you a picture of how you have grown so far, isn't it? I see myself reading this blog 10 years from now and having the same bittersweet memories I had just now.

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