Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dark Mocha Frappe Night

After a long day of working as an intern at a drugstore, I agreed with Leo on stopping by at Starbucks to have some coffee and quality time.

Being both busy, (he had to go shopping with his mom before going back to Roxas and I had to unwind myself first from stress from work and so) our planned get-together was delayed from 6 PM, our original time of meeting, to 9PM, just after dinner. I even fell asleep waiting for his next text, cuing me that we're ready to go! Ha ha. It was almost 10 PM when we reached Starbucks because we practically had to walk from our condo to the said nearby coffee shop. Yes, we also are neighbors of the same building.

Feeling socially inept, I was very happy to know that there were only about 3 of us, customers, there! It was the day after finals week, consequently, most of the students in La Salle went home for vacation already. Obviously, they are the ones whom you'll usually spot hanging around at Starbucks when it's back-to-school days. I am not very fond of being in crowded places though.

We both had Dark Mocha Frappe, our favorite of our favorites! It was perfect for my cinnamon swirl but not for my full stomach.  My body's typically used to having coffee in breakfast, I was worried it would rock my tummy again for the nth time. Good thing, it did not.

Leo stole my nickname again. The very funny thing my best friend does every time he orders for us both in Starbucks.

I rarely have frappe with cinnamon swirl. Normally, I would pair it with honey glazed doughnut. Perhaps because of mood change, I missed cinnamon swirl all of a sudden!

And before we indulged ourselves with these sweet delights, we had a series of vanity test shots. Ha ha. We experimented on how to make the self-timer option work. Here's what we had: 

When we finally figured it out, we thought the previous photo looks better because it was blurry. LOL.

We had lots of conversation about school, celebrities, internship, grades, and the common day-to-day updates. Afterwards, we installed Sims 3 in his new laptop and stalked people on Facebook. Ha ha. Kidding. 

Withal, Leo will be flying back to Roxas the next day. I know he's pretty excited to have a party with our childhood friends there. I, too, am very excited to bond with them again. But can't fly back there yet since I need to finish my 200-hour community pharmacy internship. I'm on my 22nd day already. In less than two weeks, I will finally embrace summer with wide open, workload-free arms!

Nothing beats a night with coffee and my best friend. Truly enjoyed it. However, back to busy day again tomorrow.

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