Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Saturday with Mom and Sister

We went to SM Makati today to buy some new stuff to decorate our home. We made sure we make it before March 1 since we have an expected delivery that day. 

Our first stop, SM Department Store. Before roaming around and mall hopping, we bought several furnitures that were classic but affordable. 

This bedroom display was really cute and comfy to look at. It was cheap, as well! But I doubt its quality, because it is so rare to see a bedroom set with a very low price! Well, looks can be deceiving.

After hours of shopping, mom and sister left me at Brownies to wait for them until they finish transacting regarding mom's MetroBank card. Sister knows me well because she was the one who suggested mom to let me wait there because I'll never get bored eating! Ha ha ha.

I just ordered a drink because I know sweets will only make me thirsty and there are a lot of places that are yet to go to at such an early time. I did not go wrong choosing a coffee shake. 

It was not long until mom and ate came back. They waited for me until I finish my coffee shake. So while doing so, let the camwhoring begin!

Sister took excessive photos of mine while I was trying so fast to get done drinking my coffee shake. My hair's usually messy and I tend to sweat easily, therefore, it surprised me how I look so orderly here.

In exchange, I took lots of pictures of hers as well.

I love how cute mom is in this pic. Her bangs are awesome! It actually makes me want to sport bangs, too! What do you think?

Next stop, Greenbelt! I realized, it was a bad idea wearing a blazer. I did not presume that it would be uncomfortably warm on our way there because the last time I have been to Greenbelt, it was fairly cool. Perhaps, we were just on a different way in.

As we reached the main entrance, we were welcomed by this colorful fountain that added to the sophistication of the evening.

On our way going to the array of restaurants to dine in, we happened to pass by Bubba Gump Shrimp Company! It is a seafood resto chain inspired by 1994 film, Forrest Gump. Bubba Gump is named after the two characters in the film Benjamin Bufford 'Bubba' Blue and Forrest Gump. I'd be very happy to try eating here. Run, Forrest, run! I love Forrest Gump!

My sister found this funny art trick outside the resto. It reminds me of Forrest Gump, indeed! Aww..The bench, plus the attache case, brings me back to the moment when I was teary-eyed watching Forrest telling his life story from a person to a person waiting at the bus stop.

As the clock struck 7, our stomachs were growling of hunger already. Ha ha!

Sister suggested that we have dinner at Banana leaf. Being a probinsyana or province girl (LOL), I am not so oriented to places like this so mom and I are very lucky to have sister around. Since mom, as well, is not that of a wanderlust like sister!

While waiting for our order to be served, we had another personal photo shoot again.

Mom and I acting out one of the best-loved Asian poses. Mom's game for anything! That's why we love her!

Not so long and it's dinner time! Supposedly, we just planned to have some snack before going home. But since it was pass seven already and we still wanted to roam around after, we ended up ordering for dinner. 

Nasi Goreng Nenas.

Charcoal grilled sliced pork steak Thai style.

Deep fried squid flavored in homemade garlic.

Filipinos are rice people. So, it's a must-have in every resto chain in our country to include rice in its menu. Ha ha!

The coffee shake actually rocked my tummy just like any other coffee I drink later after breakfast. Hence, I was not able to savor dinner last night! But if I were to review the service and food of Banana Leaf, it would be two thumbs up. 

Giving our guts time to digest, we roved around Greenbelt 3. It is where most renowned and most expensive fashion houses are located! My eyes were roasted with all the tempting luxurious brands of shoes, watches, jewelries, bags, sunglasses and books that which prices are more than enough to feed one or more charities! Whew! Well, we were just window shopping. Ha ha!

Also, we spotted a celebrity inside LV house. It was Heart Evangelista! Taking pictures is not allowed inside though.

It was fun spending my weekend with mom and sister.

Shall return.

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