Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Reunion to Remember

Just before Christmas eve, our ever loved Tita Stella celebrates her birthday! Leo invited all of our high school classmates to attend the party. He did not expect a lot to come since tomorrow is Christmas and they may be preparing for the Noche Buena. Surprisingly, most of them came! I really hoped so because I only got two-day stay here in Roxas and I wanted to see them so badly!

Myra, getting prettier than ever!

I just have to upload this one! We look so happy that we look so funny.

After hours of chatting and catching up with each other, it's time for some lavish lunch! My favorite part! Ha ha! Kidding aside, Leo really has good cooks at their home, including his mom. Well, I took large portions for myself since I am in diet suspension. Laughs.

Somehow, it bothers me how messy my hair can get whenever I am eating.

What can I say? They're all beautiful effortlessly! I love them so much!

I have not seen these four for a long time though. Cedie, looking fierce, Josh, in his chinese state, Dianne, pretty as always and Karen,with her lovely smile.

Me, with the two who have the strangest sense of humor in our class which we love to laugh at until we can laugh no more.

And here is a picture with the birthday celebrant.

Afterwards, we gathered inside Leo's bedroom and had lots of funny conversations about ourselves. I will always miss being with them. Now I know, why the adults would often say high school is where you find your best-est friends.

Oops. Sorry. I was getting ready still.

I love this last photo so much. We look so cute and funny at the same time. I cannot wait for summer to come so I can see them again! And before I forget, thank you so much to my gorgeous seat mate, Kim, for the photos.

Have a merry and festive Christmas, everyone!

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