Thursday, November 3, 2011


I think the weather's lovely today. Little rain and chilly temperature.

I accompanied my sister to buy some coffee this afternoon. She redeemed her complimentary toffee nut latte she got from idonotknowwhere while I bought a cup of dark mocha frap and a honey glazed doughnut. The shop is one station away from our residence so we were caught by the rain on our way going back home. We rode a jeepney then so we could save ourselves from getting soaked.

As I threw my body on my pillows as we reached home, there was this thought that had been bugging me since last week. I was thinking how careless I was becoming. Yesterday, I spoke words out of depression and pride. So I was rolling back and forth in my bed trying to snooze when I decided to work out on eliminating my careless trait step by step. These are what I have come up with:

First, counting one two three. When in comes to heated conversations, it is best to calm myself first before saying anything. Angry words will not solve the problem, only worsen it. Also, speaking without thinking is an act of a foolish being. We cannot take back words once been said and we are a reflection of what comes out from our mouths. Therefore, I will do my best to count 1 2 3 prior to uttering, to think what could be the cost of saying something stupid: a friend? a sister? a reputation?, and to remember that Jesus never let out a word of hate to those who persecuted Him.

Second, my mouth is designed for praising the Lord. I remember reading a line from one of Ru de la Torre's published books which says, the mouth that curses cannot be the same mouth that worships the Lord. I was struck by it the first time I read it and was destined to bethink oneself of it. This is so true. My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I am not supposed to make it an unholy one. I do not own this body. It's God's. Our future could also be predicted with what we choose to say. One word can either bring life or death.

Third, I am weak but my God is strong. I cannot do the said two without God enabling me to. I am powerless, weak and vulnerable. We all are. A mouth is unstoppable. We cannot overcome anything without God's spirit. Hence, I fully surrender it to God. I pray that He will bless me while I do my best to do what is pleasing to Him. I pray that He will help me to completely get rid of myself and to be filled by Him alone.

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