Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When you hear the Verdi's Triumphal March music with matching black robes dominating the crowd, you know right that it's graduation day!

It seemed to be a very typical day for me omitting the worrying-what-to-wear part. But of course, this day couldn't be any more special to those graduates who will finally walk their way to receive their diplomas! And how much more to those teary-eyed parents who worked so hard just to see their children on stage finally having a degree?

My sister on her graduation attire.

We got a seat from the upper side of the plenary hall where I took the opportunity to capture the vast filled with multitudes of graduates.

Then, we moved on the lower middle section where I was able to get closer shots of my sister and a better view of the stage. Meanwhile, this is me and mom after being finally decided where to sit.

The ceremony started short and the roll calling of graduates' names immediately followed. There were speakers in between, with which one, a politician in another district, I admittedly adore for her courage and wit while delivering her speech, which I consider very inspiring. Sadly, there wasn't any magical twist as the ceremony ended. I wish the school managed to organize something that would make this day extra special to the graduates. We were allowed to take pictures afterwards. So, let the wacky faces ready!

Mom with our dearly loved graduate, my sister. Mom's so proud of you! Hugs!

Mom and I. And yes, we have a very obvious resemblance. :)

Me and sister. I look bigger and taller than her so people would usually get mistaken that I am the older one. Haha. And that we're twins!

I really love this shot of my sister and mom. They look genuinely happy. Brings back the bittersweet memories of the past four years.

Dad was not able to come home on sister's graduation. But dad called almost every night just to talk to us, congratulating sister, and to check for the upcoming event. Suddenly missing dad.

Again, happy graduation to you, Ate! We are happy for you!

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