Monday, February 27, 2012

Once Upon an Ocean

Last EDSA 25, we spent the holiday in Manila Ocean Park. It was an opportunity for me to have a break from school works for a while so I was very inclined to come visit the place. Together with my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins, Joy and Li-ann, I watched the Sea Lion Show. Perfect to begin the tootle.

This is the only picture I got from the show. The sea lions were very adorable and deft, can't help myself from clapping out of happiness. Oh! Say weirdo. Also, we were seated almost at the back row so I wouldn't be able capture a neat, clear photo if I were to do so. 

Next stop, Dancing with the Sea Fairies! Aptly, it was sort of a Jellyfish exhibit. With Cannon in D minor playing as an accompaniment, the ambience of the place made me feel like my feet were no longer on the ground! I felt like I was floating. I do not mind staying there longer than we did.

Moon Jellyfish. They look so graceful and stylish while swimming, just like real pixie! 

Upside down jellyfish. It's true, they look like pancakes! They stick more than they swim. Amazing still. But when people stick their faces in glass doors like that, they would look funny.

Jelly Bubbler. Its hood flutters as it swims, without a fizz, and its tentacles sprouts like a pale broccolo! :D

Her name's Li-ann. She's my closest young cousin whom I had as a companion when I was younger. Well, I am a lady now and she's almost there. Still I enjoy having her around. I took this photo because the the mirror illusion is cool! 

I forgot what this specie is, but it appears to be very common and its tentacles are so slender and elegant. I love it!

Before proceeding to the oceanarium, we roam around the marine life exhibit. This is my Aunt and Uncle at the forested entrance.

I forgot what this specie is, but I suppose it belongs to the family of Siluriformes, a diverse group of ray-finned fish. Only, it was an enormous one. I love eating roasted catfishes back when I was 9 or 10 years old. They taste really good!

Cowfish. I think they appear more like a toro. Hmm...

Manila Puffer. Effortless shocked facial expression. Hurrah!

Yellow and black fish. I like how their zebra-textured heads contrast with their yellow bodies perfectly! They're so posh!

Yellow Boxfish easting green mussel. It's actually colored yellow. I just edited the photo to grayscale because the water made the photo look shaky.

Blue water. Very relaxing to gaze upon.

Starfish. It's been so long since I saw one in person. 

The lovely Koi fishes. I took lots of shots of them fighting over for food. The pictures were funny and cute! But I do not have enough time to post it all in here.

Tadaaa!! Asia's largest tunnel exhibit! We didn't get a high quality picture though because flashes weren't allowed inside. But yeah, it was cool. 

On our way out, we happened to pass this section, All About Penguins.

My feet hurt and I was feeling groggy already when we got home. But the exciting experience was worth it! In fact, being inspired by all these wonderful underwater creatures, I made a short video right after. Click here!

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