Friday, January 20, 2012

Arch-Des Fashion Show

For these past few days, I have not been out of the house except when I go to school or when I attend church. I am not that much of an outdoor person so it was not an insane kind of idea for me.

My best friend, Leo, invited me to an event at their school for their Arch-Des Week. It was a mini runway fashion show designed and arranged by BS Architecture students which sounded very interesting to me. I was hesitant to say yes at first since I am not good in socializing with new crowds but he assured me it will be fine so I said yes.

Before the actual show started, a DJ mixer introduced an original composition of his to unwind the audience from the wait. The music soothed my ears to the beat.

Most of my catwalk shots were blurry because of my lack of skill in photography. Ha ha! But then I managed to take a few decent ones.

Have you ever of heard a siren that rather than alerting you, it de-stresses you? Well, I am actually referring to this lady here. Her voice is as chic as her Bohemian getup.

Next, the architectural exhibit! I took lots of pictures while roaming around the place and found some indeed amazing forms of art by hand. 

Leo then toured me around his college: the library, the cafeteria, the classrooms (which seemed like conference rooms). The hallways were spacey and everywhere I glimpse, every corner has a different structural design that forms a unique silhouette.

Tadaa! I feel like I'm sitting on a Cobonque-made furniture. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 

There were also fashionable mannequins displayed along corridors. 

This one's made up of Asian green mussels' shells. Pretty exotic, eh? 

Two words: puffy and edgy.

Leo took this shot of me before we left the place. He is getting better in focusing the camera. Just a little bit more practice.

Before ending the night and returning to our own cribs, we stopped over to the nearest coffee shop. I felt like I needed milligrams of caffeine to keep me awake until dawn since I still had to work on an assignment and to study for a quiz the next day. Also, it is Leo's favorite spot to hang-out.

We would always order with our names disguised as colors. I'm red and he's blue. Well, my friends in school really call me Red as my nickname. Leo just copied me! Ha ha!

There's a really funny story behind this picture of sliced honey glazed doughnut. So, as I was slicing the doughnut, I asked Leo if he wanted to have some. He gratefully nodded at me, smiling. Afterwards, I ate the piece I sliced. He pouted and said that he thought I was slicing it for him. I laughed after hearing him said those.

Til next time! 

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